was founded on 2015, our idea is to share a happy moment to everyone when buying or receiving a Gift from your loved ones.

We hoping all of our wonderful customers will experience a happy moment whether they are giving a Gift to someone or received a Gift from someone, ever buying for their own, as we believe “Everyone is deserve to have a Gift “and do remember each day that we are giving on this earth are already the best gift that we ever receiving.

Our Mission :

  • eGift Make You SMILE
  • Sincerity is the beginning of our customer service
  • Bring special moment for both eGift buyer and recipients

Our Vision :

  • Every gift comes from, everyone will receive it with a smile

Our Values (eGift) :

  • Equality: Treat everyone with fairness and equality – employees, customers, and partners.
  • Giving: By giving the best service through a superior experience be a “Giving Wholeheartedly” brand.
  • Integrity: Be honest and keep our promises, show integrity in all action.
  • Fun: Create fun through work, work can be fun, fulfilling and exciting, we will work to grow and strengthen our service.
  • Trust: We believe that trust and respect are essential for teamwork and customer service.